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How It Works

Get all the financial savings of selling By Owner with the exposure of listing with an agent.

At Boston Entry Only, we believe that listing a property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) should not be costly. Traditionally, a seller’s agent will list a property on MLS for a commission of 5-6%. Upon the closing of a sale, the seller’s agent will split the commission with the buyer’s agent, so each receives around 3% of the total sale. This 6% commission comes directly out of your profit on the sale of your property. At Boston Entry Only, we can help you eliminate the seller-agent’s commission—saving you thousands of dollars.

Listing your property with Boston Entry Only allows you to advertise your property on MLS for a flat fee, making it available to thousands of realtors. However, Boston Entry Only does not act as your seller’s agent. With the MLS flat fee program, you will be responsible for handling your home sale, which includes all home showings, open houses, negotiations, and paperwork like escrow, title, inspections, disclosures, appraisals, etc. If you feel that you need a professional for certain aspects of the transaction such as negotiations, drawing up contracts, holding escrow, legal advice, or advice on the official offer, you may consider hiring an attorney to assist in some or all of these areas.

90% of homes for sale are listed on MLS, making it the number one resource for realtors. Plus, buyer’s agents are never discouraged from showing properties listed through Boston Entry Only because they receive the same commission (typically 2% - 2.5%) as other transactions (You set the commission to buyer's agent!). Your MLS listing through Boston Entry Only will look just like MLS listings through traditional real estate firms.

MLS listings can only be posted by licensed real estate broker, which is why Boston Entry Only is so unique: we handle the MLS listing for you, you get to sell you property By Owner, and you save thousands of dollars that would typically be paid to a seller’s agent.

Boston Entry Only saves the seller close to $15,000 by eliminating half of the commission and replacing it with the low MLS flat fee. However, if you find the buyer yourself, without the assistance of a buyer’s agent, then you pay 0% commission—only the MLS flat fee.

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